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From an early age, we both had the desire to become airline pilots and travel the world by land, sea, and air. Anywhere and everywhere was on our list.  We began flying at 15 and had our first airline jobs at 18.  Chris was flying the B1900 in Florida and Jennifer was flying Twin Otter on floats in the Maldives. 


We met each other in the Philadelphia airport in 2011, while flying for different regional airlines in the northeast USA. We quickly realized we were a perfect match and married a year later. Shortly after we began to fly in Japan on the 767 and then 787. During our time together, we traveled all around the world, jet-setting to nearly 100 countries and all seven continents. Together we challenged ourselves to climb mountains, paraglide, scuba dive, and charter sailboats in exotic locations.  We also enjoyed all the food everywhere had to offer. 


The excitement of the fast-paced lifestyle and splitting ourselves between multiple hobbies and countries began to taper off. We craved a new challenge. We decided a sailboat would offer a new style of travel that appealed to us in so many ways. With our own sailboat we would be able to visit places inaccessible during short charters and force us to slow down our travel pace. We would also learn many new skills along the way and grow through the experiences. After a few years of dreaming, saving, and searching for the ideal boat for us, we purchased Skylark. 


When we bought Skylark in October 2019, we were First Officers on the Boeing 787. We were planning to commute from Skylark to Japan and travel around the world on our days off, leaving her at marinas while we worked.  Then Covid-19 happened. The global shutdown effected the entire aviation industry and everything changed. Our plans of sailing part time while working quickly turned into 100% sailing and 0%. We ended up sailing across a couple of oceans are are now in the Caribbean and commute to our airline jobs in the United States.  

We learned it is impossible to make firm plans. However, life is full of surprises and we are looking toward to the excitement of cruising that includes visiting new places, meeting new friends, and living in the moment. 


Thank you for following us on our journey with Skylark!

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