Outside Watch VLOG #5

Phuket to the Maldives

We are excited to share our highlights from our longest offshore passage so far... Phuket, Thailand to Uligan, Maldives. 1550 nautical miles and 11 days at sea! What a rush knowing you are literally in the middle of the ocean with no one (except Paul) around!!

Outside Watch VLOG #4

Maldive Passage Prep 

REAL TIME UPDATE! We are off to the Maldives! In this video we get a little more technical and show a lot of the preparation that has gone into making this passage possible. We also say goodbye to Thailand after one life changing year (2020 of course) cruising here.

Outside Watch VLOG #3

Our AMEL 54 'Skylark' TOUR! 

Join us on board Skylark, our 2009 Amel 54, where we will give you a full tour inside, outside, and underwater.   Skylark is a 16 meter, bluewater cruising yacht, designed to cross every ocean in comfort and safety. We will show you some of the features that makes the Amel 54 an ideal cruising yacht for a couple!  


Outside Watch VLOG #2

Thailand Cruising, Future Plans and Whale Sharks 

We’re back with round two of Outside Watch! This time we explore the west coast of Thailand finally arriving in our favorite island of Koh Lipe, we experience some insanely nasty weather, and we talk about our sailing plans for the Future.


Outside Watch VLOG #1

Two airline pilots turned full-time sailors in the Covid Era 

In this video we introduce ourselves and explain how we ended up in this crazy situation as full-time cruisers living on board our Amel 54!

We also celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and explore some beautiful anchorages on the west coast of Thailand. Since we're not flying for awhile, we suddenly have an abundance of free time to make videos!

Previous Sailing Videos

Svalbard, 80°00' N

In 2017, we traveled to Arctic Norway on a sailing charter with friends. Chris made a video to share with friends and family, and was later contacted by Garcia Yachts, the yacht manufacturer of the boat we sailed on, to tailor this video for them to use on their youtube channel and for marketing.   


This video takes place in Svalbard and shows our journey to 80°00'N in spectacular scenery.  There are icebergs, polar bears and of course sailing!