This map is a hybrid of places we have been (green or purple) and where we 'plan' to go (red).  


We will share our experiences of anchorages, marinas, frequented bars and restaurants, as well as activities we enjoyed.   


This is a work in progress and some of the information may be outdated by the time you read it.  Send us a message if you have any feedback or spot any changes! 









In cruising, there are many variables, even during normal times. Since we bought Skylark, our 'plan' has changed so many times based on curveballs such as maintenance and career opportunities.  Our original plan was to spend two years in Asia doing a massive loop through Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Palau, and then back to Thailand before crossing the Indian Ocean, all while commuting to work every month. 


Now, our 'current 'plan' is to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  We are currently in Walvis Bay, Namibia.  We will depart to St. Helena shortly, then South America, the Caribbean, and then finally Europe.  Then we will 'plan' further.  Let's see what actually happens, there's a saying that sailors plans are written in sand at low tide.  That is part of the excitement!